About Us

Nervous system organization is not plastic, but subject to changes. This concept of brain plasticity (or neuroplasticity) lies at the foundations of neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation. Our mission is to provide a wide range of tools helping patients with acquired cognitive impairments, families, caregivers, and rehabilitators to undertake specific neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation interventions.
Each patient with acquired deficits is unique, thus needing a specific, flexible, science-based intervention*. Targeted trainings can in fact reduce impairments in different brain areas like attention, memory, speech, perception, executive functions, and movement, while favouring brain plasticity. To guarantee highest efficiency, our products and services are based on cognitive methodologies and models with scientific validation.
* In order to undertake a neuropsychological/cognitive rehabilitation intervention, we recommend patients to follow a specific clinical training with neuropsychological evaluation of higher cortical functions.

Meet the Team

Simone Turati

Chief Project Officer

Beatrice Festini

PR & Communications

Alberto Gasperi

Business Developer

Federico Zanella

Software and Neurotechnology Specialist

Denise Magnago

Neuropsicologa e Psicoterapeuta

Alessandro Mariotti

Senior Software Developer

Stefano Sega

Software Developer