Neurab – Cognitive Recovery

Technologies for neurocognitive rehabilitation

Neurab provides a cognitive rehabilitation application for patients with acquired cognitive impairments:
its software consists of targeted exercises to rehabilitate specific deficits, aiming to provide a restorative as well a compensative intervention.

For therapists

Neurab realized a device to substitute printed-paper tools. This enables a remote patient supervision, and patient’s performance monitoring through customizable statistics.

For health care institutions

Neurab provides a digital product with a service network to manage cognitive rehabilitation of both small and big groups of patients, consisting of an online platform, a tablet and many different exercises whose settings are highly customizable but can be ready to use as well (free sessions), especially addressed to patients in post-acute phase.

For the family

Neurotablet® is the perfect device for a family member in difficulty. It manages a targeted cognitive training intervention, it is very easy to use and it serves as networking channel with the therapist, who can communicate with the family and remotely change patient’s therapy. Neurotablet also contains customized groups of exercises helping with all specific pathologies.

For patients

Neurab’s device is a versatile and trustable tool to rehabilitate from cognitive impairments. It is a great aid for independent patients, as it allows to track performance and progresses, and at the same time it keeps global cognition stimulated.



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This project was co-financed by the European Union with a Seed Money grant belonging to the ERDF 2007/2013 operational programme of the Autonomous Province of Trento.